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Key Facts:

  • Contextual and geo-reference audience analysis in eleven countries.
  • Campaign utilizing Dynamic Creative Optimization, booked programmatically across six cities.
  • Increasing brand recall on a multinational level.


Initiative, an international media agency, planned a campaign to promote tourism to the Canary Islands during the winter months in Europe. Working together with Taptap Digital, a Madrid-based global advertising technology company, Canary Islands Tourism developed a strategy aiming to reach a target audience in a relevant setting and increase brand recall.


To implement the strategy, Taptap supported Canary Islands Tourism in identifying a relevant audience for their campaign. In doing so, Taptap used contextualized and geo-referenced data that defined a target audience in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, and Switzerland. The resulting target group consisted of 25- to 55-year-olds with an interest in traveling, lifestyle, gastronomy, and culture, who regularly engaged with urban mobility, eco and adventure travel, as well as family trips on social media.

Based on their evaluation, Taptap created a heatmap, displaying the target group’s locations segmented into three levels (High, Medium, Low). Programmatic DOOH screens closest to these locations were chosen to address the audience.

Initiative executed a dynamic campaign in six cities, seamlessly integrating real-time social media trends to adapt the creative deployments. This cutting-edge strategy not only captivated the target audience but also substantially boosted brand awareness among those interacting with the digital screens.


The multinational Programmatic DOOH campaign ran over a course of two weeks in Berlin, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome. The Canary Islands Tourism campaign closed with 30.5 million impressions.

Campaign Partners:

Agencies: Taptap Digital, Initiative

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