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They fit into every pocket and gratify with long-lasting taste: chewing gums are one of the most popular sweets. But their most distinctive quality also makes them an environmental polluter: carelessly discarded, they stick to sidewalks for years and do not biodegrade. Added synthetic polymers, the same that are used in car tyres or plastic bottles, end up in the oceans as microplastics. With its plastic-free chewing gum, True Gum tackles this problem. Together with WallDecaux, True Gum enhances awareness for its innovative product with an Out of Home campaign in Berlin. The highlight for all chewing gum fans is the colourfully wrapped passenger shelter at the tram stop Invalidenpark with its integrated chewing gum dispenser.


Tasty snacks with no added sugar and no negative environmental impact are in growing demand. True Gum has recognized this trend: with its plastic-free and vegan chewing gums, the company offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional chewing products. After successfully closing a multi-channel marketing campaign including a combination of out of home ads and social media content in Denmark, True Gum was aiming to raise their brand’s awareness and explore the opportunity of Out of Home advertising in a new market.


Working with WallDecaux, True Gum set up a campaign on about 750 City Light Poster panels in Berlin, Germany. The campaign’s highlight, inspired by True Gum’s success in Denmark, is an exclusive passenger shelter design in the colours of chewing gum flavours raspberry & vanilla and mint. The shelter is located at Berlin's highly trafficked Invalidenstraße and includes a specially built in dispenser offering complementary samples of True Gum’s plastic-free chewing gum.

For many of us, chewing gums as a quick snack in between are a part of our daily lives. But most people are unaware of the environmental impact of these small sweets. True Gum makes chewing gums environmental friendly, and this we showcase with the colourful design of our passenger shelter in Berlin. With the matching poster campaign on our Out of Home advertising panels in the German capital, we make sure that soon everybody in town will be familiar with the eco-friendly chewing gum alternative. Martin Kleber Head of International Sales at WallDecaux



We're on a mission to make plastic-free chewing gum the new normal, but to do so, we need to shed light on the hidden ingredients lurking in most traditional gum. Recognizing that many consumers are creatures of habit, we've taken a new bold step in our awareness efforts. Enter our giant chewing gum dispenser, offering thousands of free packs to the citizens of Berlin. It's a chance for everyone to taste firsthand that our innovative gum is every bit as delicious as the old, minus the plastic of course. Peter Juul Regnersgaard Co-Founder True Gum

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